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Marine/Seafarers Travel Management

AMSS Travel Street is a full-service maritime travel agency specializing in one-way, refundable, changeable marine airfares

Our team of professionals is available 24/7/365, offering specialized airfares, state of the art technology and years of experience with airline schedules, visa, health regulations information, to bring forth cost savings and superior levels of service to our valued clients.

From commercial ships to offshore oil rigs, to cruise ships, we transport thousands of seafarers each year, all over the globe. Our team of dedicated travel experts provide each client with quality and efficient travel management services. No matter the sector, size of the crew, or destination, providing travel solutions to key offshore locations and hubs - we specialize in offering our customers the most efficient travel options to even the most challenging of routes and find a solution for passenger’s travel needs at a short notice.

Offshore travel management often comes with unique logistical demands. Our service is specifically designed to assist the offshore ship industry with travel to/ from their homes/vessels and installations worldwide. AMSS Travel Street provides both value and expertise to our customers in a variety of marine sectors to help move crew safely and efficiently to their required destinations.

AMSS Travel Street contracted offshore airfares are inclusive of both global and regional airlines for marine travel. We work closely with airlines on ticketing time limits, refunds, and cancellations which in turn helps manage your travel budget by improving operating efficacies. We offer marine discounted rates and added flexibility such as increased baggage and refundable/changeable ticketing options (as provided by airlines) which allows for the modifications that often occur in both fast-paced industries, without additional fees.

Eligible Customers who can avail Marine Fares-

  • Seafarers and officers working onboard any marine vessel
  • Commercial shipping crew and associated technicians traveling to/from a vessel or port for purposes of employment
  • Cruise line employees working in any capacity onboard including concessions who appear on the vessel crew manifest
  • Workers on a drilling rig and those involved with the repositioning of a semi-submersible
  • Engineers
  • Supernumeraries
  • Contractors
  • Concessions
  • Security Personnel and Surveyors

If you are in doubt whether you qualify to avail marine airfares, use the following rule:

Airline Policy with regards to Marine Airfares

As it is a privilege that the airlines extend marine airfares to workers in this specialized industry, we as service providers need to ensure that everyone using marine fares and the associated benefits qualify. Therefore, we follow the airlines’ policies closely and advise our travellers to carry proof that they are indeed traveling for work purposes. Employees must carry documentation e.g., Valid Passport, CDC, Letter of Contract of eligibility in the form of a written letter detailing the reason for their travel. You may be asked to produce this documentation during check-in at the airport.
All crewmembers traveling with a marine/seaman ticket must be traveling to/from or in connection with work onboard a vessel and should carry a letter of authorization/employment from the cruise line, manning agency, or company contracting the employee. Failure to produce proper documentation may result in denied boarding by the airline.

Marine / Seamen Tickets

Once suitable flights are found and a method of payment agreed upon, we will ask you to confirm all the details before issuing the ticket. The tickets we issue are electronic tickets delivered via e-mail.

Precautions that Seamen should follow before Travel

If you are a maritime professional or planning to become one, then sooner or later you will have to get used to traveling – an integral part of the shipping profession. Frequent traveling from one country to another to reach destination ports and ships makes lives of maritime professionals physically and mentally stressing. Moreover visiting new countries having different rules, customs, and traditions means dealing with a new set of laws every time. The fact is most of these problems can be solved by being a bit aware of the situation you can get into while traveling in foreign lands. Learn about seven common problems seafarers can face while traveling to foreign lands.

Note: Before commencing your journey, ensure that you have checked your shipping contract, appointment letter and “OK to Board” letter properly. The contact number of local officer personnel, foreign agents, and other important people will be issued by the company few days before joining the ship. Make sure that you note them down properly and keep them with you all the time.

Challenges and Management of Marine Services

As 90% of the world's goods and resources are transported by ships, there is a global army of ship’s crew and offshore workers who play a vital role in the world economy by spending lengthy periods of time at sea for us to benefit from all the modern-day commodities we rely upon.

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